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Jeff Chilton On The Science Of Mushrooms

February 04, 2021 Jeff Chilton Episode 79
The Plant Paradigm
Jeff Chilton On The Science Of Mushrooms
Show Notes

"Even before you think about supplementing, get mushrooms into your diet."

Jeff Chilton is the president of Nammex and is a mushroom expert. He's been studying Mycology for decades helping cultivate millions of kilos of mushrooms and has been involved in the research of shitake, oyster and enoki mushrooms. Jeff co-authored a book revered by people around the world as a one stop mushroom shop. It was called The Mushroom Cultivator and taught every day people how to cultivate shrooms.

The key topics in today's episode:
- Mushrooms in nature
- The role of mycelium
- Fairy rings
- The human/mushroom connection
- Avoiding poisonous mushrooms
- What makes mushrooms healthy
- The healthiest mushrooms
- Buying the best batch
- Organic vs non-organic
- Cultivating mushrooms
- Supplementation basics
- Different types of mushrooms
- Adaptogens
- Psychedelic mushrooms
- Growing mushrooms
- Vitamin D

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